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Brief introduction to the Company

Brief introduction to the Company

The company first founded as a private company named “Blue Dragon” on November 1, 1990, when we started doing business as a small ironsmith producing metal chairs for sports use along with foreign and domestic trading. During last decades, we have been constantly expanding our scope of operation to food trading, chain restaurants strictly complied with food safety and hygienic rules. From 2006, we restructured as a company two members entering into construction sector, which pioneering the development and prosperity of Mongolia. We joined “Ger district housing project” of the “Government of Mongolia” by supporting its housing policy from 2010. Our company successfully implemented major construction project namely “Art 11”, “Art 12”, “Art 13”, “Art 14” and “Art 15” apartment projects under the slogan of ‘Bright future starts with good living environment” to reach our primary goal of “Providing housing for young families”. With this project, we are proud to house thousands of families involve in our project.

In 2019, we started the construction of Art Villa house apartment and combined residential project, which is 5-star high end, modern, smart town house.


Bright future starts with good living environment

Our goal

The best national construction company

"Art villa" Luxury town

The towns' location info and gallery

"Art villa" Luxury town

Art Villa town is located at Artsat Valley in khoroo 4, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar. It is 5-star high end 42 units of luxurious house and apartment complex. The project belongs to category A zone of prospectus urban planning of Ulaanbaatar city for new residential area, where suitable infrastructure access will be developed from any points of the city.

Finished projects

The projects we have done

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Art 15


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Art 14

..... apartment

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Art 13

..... apartment

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Art 12

..... apartment

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Art 11

2011 apartment


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Art villa town, Art center, Artsat street, Khan-Uul district 8th khoroo in ulaanbaatar
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